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Lead Generation and Transferable Skills.

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  • Lead Generation and Transferable Skills.

    Hey guys, a (fairly) short insight about lead generation and how I became successful with it and how I can transfer these skills to Internet and Affiliate Marketing. It was suggested I should make one so here it is. Any questions or more detail answered if wanted.

    I had started my career in sales and marketing at quite an early age without any formal qualifications in that area.

    I am now seeing how I can translate these skills to the online arena and within IM and think it will be interesting to see the areas that overlap and those areas that are not effective online as they are offline.

    Lead generation has by far been the most enjoyable sector within sales and marketing I have experienced as it allowed me not only to fully qualify leads with companies but also to gain many insights, including different pains associated with certain roles within a company, to simply learning how to overcome 'gatekeepers'. It gave me a visual image into how different organisations operate according to structure and hierarchy and heightens the ability to empathise leading to fully understanding pains and needs potential clients may have.

    Most of my lead generation was within the IT sector for companies such as IBM, EDS, Overland, HP and Solid Edge. From products ranging from physical storage systems to advanced CAD programs.

    The main differentiator back then was that we had time to create these leads and to be fully qualified you must speak with all those concerned with whatever product was on offer at that time. To have a fully qualified lead for a client you must confirm the following always: Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. For this I used to start at the very beginning, with the guys who will be utilising the said product/s. This usually meant first contact was with a system administrator or IT manager. These guys will always tell you what problems they are having and what solutions would help them complete their roles fully or to maximise their potential and efficiency or security and performance.